Will I be storing my bottles for a long period of time or using them in the near future?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when thinking about investing in a wine cooler. For collectors, the long-storage cooler will of course be the ideal choice, as it is designed to fight the five enemies of wine: Light: a solid door ensures your bottles are kept in complete darkness. Temperature stability: this is controlled via an electronic thermostat and a “winter system” that enables the appliance to function in a room in which ambient temperatures may drop below 0°. Humidity control (which should ideally be between 60 and 75%): to ensure the cork stays soft, enabling the wine to breathe and continue to develop. Le Chai holds a unique patent that allows users to choose the level of humidity with accuracy of within one percent. Odour: this is controlled via a carbon filter. And, finally, vibrations: these are contained by wooden trays and bushings on the motor and tray frames. If, on the other hand, you intend on drinking your wine within the next 2 to 3 years, a service cooler will ensure your various wines are kept at their ideal serving temperature. These include products that feature one or two temperature zones and our multi-temperature coolers which can offer up to five different temperature zones depending on the location of your cooler.

Finally, Le Chai has released a brand new product, the LBN1300TV, which is ideal for enthusiasts with forty or so very good bottles for storage and some sixty bottles to be used in the next 3 years. Sliding oak trays enable you to store wines at serving temperature in the upper section and opaque drawers can be used to store wine for a long period of time in the lower part without interference from the anti-UV tempered glass window. This combined solution will suit many wine enthusiasts.

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