L’art de cultiver l’esprit d’excellence.

The art of excellence

Three separate universes

With over 60 free-standing and built-in models in its range, Le Chai pays careful attention to detail to provide elegant solutions to the needs of your favourite terroir.


Wine coolers that are built into a kitchen cabinet or under a work surface.

A sub-category of integrated models exists which fit inside an alcove, however the dimensions of models in this category are not standardized.

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Wine coolers that can be placed anywhere in your home, in your kitchen, lounge, cellar or garage. If you intend on placing your cooler in your garage, ideally choose a model equipped with a winter system.

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A wine cooler designed to meet the key needs of professionals that is easy to use and offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing layout, and essential features.

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Opaque glass for protection… lighting for selection.

How do I reconcile long storage and service?

With its two independent compartments, this cooler brings together all elements required for tasting and storage. Gone are the days of choosing between drinking and storing your wine.


Discover our tips on choosing your wine cooler according to your needs.

Are you an individual consumer or a professional?

Are you an individual consumer or a professional?

How would you like to use your wine cabinet?

In which room will the cellar be positioned?

What capacity of bottles * are you looking for?

* the standard bottle is a 75cl Bordeaux tradition bottle (a height of 30.5 cm and a diameter of 7.4 cm). In the case of a mixed collection, select a cellar of 25% additional to the number of bottles you have.